Pařížská 23, PRAHA 1, 24. 11. - 22. 12. 2016


5 different modern families.
5 various lifestyles.
5 extraordinary flats at Pařížská street.
The inhabitants left their homes.
Come and explore the way they live.
Sit down.
Get inspired.


They left the city and let you squat their homes. All the families living in the building have stories to tell. These stories determine the design of their homes. Visit the home of a model and a businessman, a gay couple, a designer and an architect, a father and son and a four-membered family.

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What should a historical space in the city centre look like? Each of the ateliers offers a different solution. Get inspired and find our more about your preferences: do you feel better in a conservative flat or in a playful home?

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Every single apartment was designed by different architects. We chose five ateliers out of 100 studios presented at the insidecor website. Compare the work of experienced architects, growing studios and talented young ateliers. Get to know their styles and let them surprise you.

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a unique


Accommodate yourself in apartments designed by professionals. The spaces were created by carefully selected architects and reliable suppliers. Enjoy the space with all your senses: listen, look around, touch, smell and taste.


from 24.11. until 22.12.2016


Come for delicious brunches and useful workshops. You can also organise them yourself and invite your clients or friends.

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Open to the public! Reserve your ticket and enjoy a guided tour through the building and apartments. The insidecor team will be glad to answer any question.

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Time for a private party. What about inviting your friends or clients to a great soirée?

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a unique


Have you ever dreamt of living in the heart of Prague? Your dream just came true, at least for a while. This beautiful historical house will give you all you wish for: a wonderful view, professionally designed and equipped flats as well as moments you will not forget.